Nasal spray APINASAL

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    Nasal spray APINASAL

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    Nasal spray with propolis

  • Nasal spray is intended to wash the nostril of congested nasal and (or) to reduce discomfort caused by rhinitis, and for moistening of dry nasal passages.
    Suggested use: before use, remove the plug. The bottle turn towards you and press 1-2 times so that the spray to reach the nostril. Use into each nostril 1-2 sprays every 4 hours or as needed.
    Ingriedients: water, glycerin, propolis, oak bark (Quercus robur L.), sodium citrate, sodium chloride. One spraying contain 70 mg solution.
    Not for use by people who are allergic to the product components.
    Storage: Do not store above 25 °C, and keep in a dark and dry environment, out of the reach and sight of children.